Floor Tile

At Cleveland Refinishing, we are able to refinish your tile floors in just two to three days. This can give any room the appearance of being brand new in very little time.

We offer the best quality customer service and an outstanding warranty, but we also offer affordability and convenience.

There are over 60 different textures, patterns and colors to choose from, with new varieties being added constantly. With this great of a selection, you will have no problem finding the perfect one to match your newly refinished tile floor to any room and its décor.

We use excellent multi-spec and multi-stone products to resurface your tile floor when it becomes dull, faded or outdated.

Contact Cleveland Refinishing today for a free estimate, and to make your unattractive, worn out tile floors look beautifully brand new.

Our experienced team looks forward to helping you renew any tile floor, whether it’s commercial or residential.


60 different finishs to choose from

With Multi-Stone and Multi-Spec Acrylic coatings for counter tops and tiles...

A new begining for your out dated bathroom fixtures & Countertops