Cleveland Refinishing in Bedford, Ohio

If your bathtubs, countertops, sink, floors, fiberglass, porcelain, or other fixtures aren’t looking as good as they used to, Cleveland Refinishing can help make them look better than they ever have.

Cleveland Refinishing is locally based in Northeast Ohio, and has been renewing and refurbishing all things tub, tile, and more for the residents of Bedford and its surrounding communities for many years now.

Only Cleveland Refinishing can offer the unbeatable, durable results that we guarantee. We can renew and refinish fiberglass, porcelain, steel enamel, countertops, and more, no matter how bad it might look.

Refurbishing a fixture is much more affordable than replacing an entirely, perfectly good, functioning fixture. Not only does refinishing look as good as an expensive replacement, but also makes routine cleaning much faster and easier.

Resurfacing, Renewing and Refinishing Bath, Tub, Tile and More in Bedford, Ohio

Refinishing, resurfacing and renewing of floors, sinks, tubs, countertops, fixtures and more is perfect for residential and commercial use, including apartment complexes and hotels.

Cleveland Refinishing is the best company to help you remodel the property you are getting ready to move in to, just purchased, or sell. Our products have a quick drying time, allowing you or your new tenants to use their newly refinished fixtures the very next day.

The high gloss finish of your newly refurbished counters, tubs, fiberglass and more will sparkle like new, with a better appearance than it ever had before.

At Cleveland Refinishing we offer quality, affordable, convenient services for the residents of Bedford, and all areas of Northeast Ohio. Contact Cleveland Refinishing now to get a quote and to begin remodeling your fixtures, floors and countertops today.


60 different finishs to choose from

With Multi-Stone and Multi-Spec Acrylic coatings for counter tops and tiles...

A new begining for your out dated bathroom fixtures & Countertops