Cleveland Refinishing and Renewing in Chardon, Ohio

Cleveland Refinishing is a locally based company in Chardon, Ohio, and has been assisting the residents of Chardon, Ohio with remodeling all things tub, tile, countertop and more for many years now with excellent results. If your fixtures are not looking as good as they used to, give your worn out bath and tile a new beginning with Cleveland Refinishing.

We will help you repair and refinish anything including steel enamel, fiberglass, porcelain, countertop, tiles and more, and we can do it quickly. Refinishing is a perfect fix for any remodeling job that you’re looking to do and also want affordability and convenience.

This is a great solution for faded and outdated colors, also. Resurfacing costs much less and is much more convenient than replacing an entire unit, but it also dries faster and looks better, for a less expensive price.

The new finish will look modern and fresh, sparkling and glistening better than it ever did before. Resurfacing and refinishing is also a good choice because it makes routine cleaning easier and much faster.

Chardon, Ohio Resurfacing, Renewing and Refinishing of Bath, Tub, Tile and More

Cleveland Refinishing is the perfect solution to give your tub, tile, and more a fresh, new beginning when it looks worn out, dull and unattractive.

Cleveland Refinishing can also help you remodel your residential or commercial, including hotels and apartment complexes. Since the drying time is so fast, you or your new tenants can use their newly refinished fixtures and floors as soon as possible.

The high gloss finish of your newly refinished tiles, floors or other fixtures, floors, fiberglass, tiles and more will make them look better than they ever have. We even offer a two year warranty on every commercial or residential repair which we perform. Contact Cleveland Refinishing today for an estimate on your next remodeling project, we can help you get started quickly and affordably.


60 different finishs to choose from

With Multi-Stone and Multi-Spec Acrylic coatings for counter tops and tiles...

A new begining for your out dated bathroom fixtures & Countertops